1. National Geographic 2013 Kids Almanac

Client: National Geographic
Role: Designer, Co-developer

This project came from OTO's digital Agency division (separate from our Labs division) for the National Geographic Society's annual 'Kids Almanac' publication.

From our proprietary RenuMobile platform we generated several smartphone scan-ready QR codes and delivered them to National Geographic's publishing wing for incorporation into their page layouts for each chapter introduction. Readers would then be able to scan the codes with their smartphones in order to be directed to related interactive content.

In addition, we also created the hosted content directed to from the QR codes. The content was categorized by chapter subject and would range from simple HTML/PHP-enabled multiple choice quizzes to video slideshows created and edited in Adobe Premiere and After Effects. All HTML and video content would then be hosted on Amazon's Web Services for fast and reliable cloud-based delivery.

One To One Interactive

2. Liberty Mutual Facebook App

Client: Liberty Mutual
Role: Co-developer

The MessageMaker platform allowed us to reach other growing audiences, such as those using popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Liberty Mutual Insurance worked with OTO to create a custom application that could be added to the Facebook business profile page of over 500 Liberty Mutual sales representatives. From MessageMaker, an administrator could monitor, edit and moderate the social messaging taking place in all 500 'social endpoints', including Wall postings, where customers were invited to engage directly with each rep.

When installed, the custom Welcome Page application would interface with Facebook's secured public API to retrieve each rep's profile and Wall info, save it in MessageMaker, then re-display it through a webpage served up by the MessageMaker CMS and appearing within an IFRAME construct built into the Welcome Page application. Other modules in the page layout would feature content published in MessageMaker to individual or groups of business reps.

One To One Interactive

3. ASPCA PetWeather

Client: ASPCA
Role: Co-developer, QA Lead

The PolyThink CMS, used to publish and distribute applications or other types of content receivers, was eventually merged with the larger 'MessageMaker' platform, which included features for e-mail marketing, CRM and social media management . The ASPCA ScreenMate, another AIR production, took advantage of these new extensions - in addition to a customizable ScreenMate Communicator application for desktops, the project also incorporated native iPhone and Android applications, ready to consume the same content.

One To One Interactive

4. UPS Widget

Client: UPS
Role: Co-developer

Our first true AIR ScreenMate was done for United Parcel Service. While the animated 3D character was very well done and served as a very clever notification method, the main draw of this application was the very close integration between our technology and the UPS worldwide delivery tracking API, allowing users to track the status of their shipped packages almost anywhere around the globe in real-time.

Like the 'MyFelix' ScreenMate, the UPS Widget had a very prominent international distribution, with multiple builds for each of the 15 languages to be supported, ranging from those using a Latin character set, like French, German and Italian, to a Cyrillic set for Russian, to Asian alphabets like Korean, Chinese and Japanese. This character support also needed to be extended to the PolyThink CMS and distibution platform.

This huge project required a tremendous effort to update, modify and add to our already considerable library of AIR and ActionScript3 components and classes tailored for our new production and distribution process.

One To One Interactive

5. My Felix

Client: Ogilvy
Role: Co-developer

Felix was the feline mascot of the U.K. division of Nestle/Purina cat food, and he was made into a traditional ScreenMate way back in 1999. The public's reaction to a realistically rendered cat living on their desktop was phenomenal, and Felix became our most downloaded application.

Ten years later, the British ad agency Ogilvy retained our services to bring Felix up to date both creatively and technically. With that in mind, we decided that this new Felix would be one of the first products developed on our new production and distribution framework featuring a new class library converted from ActionScript 2 to ActionScript3. After this project, we would no longer compile an AS2 SWF into a Windows Executable File using C+ programming; instead, the Flash build would be exported for use under Adobe's AIR application deployment system.

While this new run-time engine diminished some classic ScreenMate features like window detection, the main advantage was the ability to install the application on both Windows and Mac systems, expanding the reach of the branded messaging.

One To One Interactive

6. Magical Memory Maker

Client: Walt Disney World Resorts
Role: Designer, Co-developer

Walt Disney World commissioned AdTools to produce an interface and a webservice that would place uploaded photos taken by patrons of Walt Disney World from their mobile phones into a customizable photo album. The 'album' was an embedded Flash object that would load uploaded images into waiting placeholders. Users could select a number of themes and could customize a number of different features.

AdTools, Inc.