1. Partners Quality & Safety Infographics - 2013

Client: Partners HealthCare
Role: Designer

This initiative involved the complete re-organization and re-design of a disparate number of websites representing key facets of Partners HealthCare services and organizations. This group included Partners Care at Home, Partners International Office and the Partners Center of Personalized Genetic Medicine.

Partners Quality & Safety is a referral website where the specific measurements and metrics of health care industry performance and quality standards from several Partners-affiliated hospitals could be found.

As part of this extensive modification project, Sparkline was charged with creating new creative and styles for several graphs and charts making up the bulk of these performance reports. Static images would be replaced with Flash/XML-based embedded Fusion charts, and larger infographics would be used to summarize certain metrics. The infographics would be created with Piktochart, a web-based service which renders entered data into customized visualizations. Colors and other styles were applied to both infographics and Fusion charts for a consistent look and feel.


Cancer Screening

30-Day Re-Admission Rates

Transitions In Care


Sparkline Digital

2. ScreenMates - 1998-2003

Client: Various
Role: Illustrator, Animator

AdTool's main claim to fame was the 'ScreenMate' - a windowless animated character that would move around and interact with the user's Windows desktop. These proved very viral as e-greeting cards with customizable messages.

(Demonstrations available)

AdTools, Inc.

3. Ben Franklin's Freedom Trail - 1998

Client: Self-promotion
Role: Designer, Developer

At some point I managed to get a copy of Macromedia Director, which at the time was the most comprehensive mutltimedia authoring software available. I spent a little time learning Lingo and timeline based animating, and put together this presentation as a prelude to finding work as an interactive designer - and it was on the strength of this that I was hired by AdTools, Inc.

(Demonstration available)

4. Mixed Media Illustrations

Client: Self-promotion
Role: Illustrator

In addition to vector work, I also dabbled with raster-based photo compositing and illustrating, starting with Photoshop 3.0 with their new Layer feature, and including other great rendering software like Fractal Design Painter (which was actually above and beyond Photoshop in simulating natural media), and Ray Dream Designer, one of the early 3D modelling pioneers. Of course, to render a sphere, I had to leave my 486 on overnight as it processed the render!

5. Illustrator Work

Welcome To Boston

Client: R.C. Silkscreen
Role: Illustrator

My first real-world venture with digital design took place in 1991, shortly after graduating from the University of Massachusetts. My first steady job was in the art department of a successful silkscreen printing company in Boston. The art department was equipped with an old Mac Classic, running software for typesetting and color-separation for creating spot-color plates printed onto vellum. However, this crude system was not suited for 4 color process separations, which we had to outsource.

Computer Virus

Client: None
Role: Illustrator

I quickly followed up the 'Welcome To Boston' illustration with other self-assigned projects to practice various vector-drawing techniques - having fun with gradient effects and so on. Amazing to think of how hard those early processors had to work to draw these objects! The illustration above was for an imaginary magazine article about computer viruses, a fairly new phenomenon at the time.


Client: SmarTel Communications
Role: Illustrator

By 1995, I found myself on a new venture, designing and printing pre-paid calling cards for an outfit called SmarTel Communications. Like silkscreening, card printers were either spot-color separated or process color. Part of the print process was assigning PIN numbers to the back of the card - quite a complex affair. This particular design was commissioned for a promotional tie-in series for the Phantom Gourmet TV show.

MiG Logo Series

Client: Mobile Interactive Games
Role: Designer

Series of about 50 logo ideas for a gaming company based in Hong Kong for my cousin, who went on to great success with other mobile and startup opportunities in China.